Maki Tall: Ready for the season to begin

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A player that slipped under the radar as he arrived in Belgium before the beginning of last season was USA youth international Maki Tall.

The 25-year-old striker signed for Royal Francs Borains (RFB) in the Belgian third division last summer.

“I was playing in French Ligue 2, but I couldn’t play very much because I was injured for a long time,” the DC native told YA after his team’s Belgian Cup game on Sunday afternoon.

“I had no offers (from teams) except from here in Belgium.  This team opened their doors to me and showed a little bit of love.”

The new adventure started well with Tall scoring a couple of goals in the pre-season but a few games into the regular season the Belgian soccer leagues were postponed due to the worsening pandemic.  In the end, the Belgian Football Association decided to cancel the rest of the season for all leagues but the top two.

Going into his first full season for his new club is something that the veteran of the 2015 FIFA U-20 World Cup is looking forward to.

“The new season is starting in two weeks and I’m now working to have a good season.  This is really my first season here, so I’m still getting to know the place and know the country but I’m really happy here.” 

Having spent most of his career in France, Tall has the advantage of speaking French as his team is located in Wallonia, the French speaking part of Belgium.

Although he suited up for the Belgian Cup game against Londerzeel that turned into a 2-0 victory and passage to the next round, the front man is slowly getting back into the groove.

“I was injured for the last two weeks; I had a little problem so I’m now getting my rhythm back.  Hopefully next week or in a couple of weeks, I’ll be playing.”

RFB’s regular season does not get underway until September 12th when they host La Louviere Centre, but in the meantime they hope to continue their Cup run.

“Right now we’re still in the Cup, so we hope to go through to the next round and see what happens from there.  We still have a couple games to play before we get a big team (such as Club Brugge or Anderlecht).  That’s the goal in the Cup; getting a big team and having a good game at home, and hopefully winning it.”

Next up is a 5th Round Cup tie at home on Sunday afternoon against Hoogstraten, a Flemish team that plays in a division below their hosts. 

“I’m looking to have a good season here.  I continue to look forward and look to play and score goals.  I can’t tell you more than that.”

Yanks Abroad will keep you up to date on Francs Borains Belgian Cup adventure, as well as the other Belgian teams with Americans on their rosters.


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